Hartridge Sabre CRi Expert
  • Up to 2700 bar pressure
  • High flow output for heavy duty common rail testing
  • New magmah Touch software
  • Patented Closed-Loop power management
  • Advanced temperature monitoring
  • Comprehensive test plan database
  • Expert level testing
  • Ready for Euro 6 injector testing.
  • Injector grading for various makes and models.
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Hartridge Toledo HEUI Master
  • Advanced testing of HEUI injectors
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Bosch EPS815 Test Bench with KMA (12 Cylinder 20HP)
  • Bosch EPS944 Ad-on for testing of VP29/VP30 and VP44 Pumps.
  • Bosch EPS945 Ad-on for testing Common Rail Pumps - CP1, CP2, CP3
  • Common Rail Injectors CRI, CRIN and Piezo
  • Bosch CAM847 Cambox for testing of Bosch EUI (Electronic Unit Injectors) and EUP (Electronic Unit Pumps)
  • All Equipment and attachments for mechanical systems up to OE repair level.
Zexel 20NP with KMA (12 Cylinder 20HP)
  • All Equipment and attachments for mechanical systems up to OE repair level.
Zexel Electronic Test Equipment / Controllers
  • Zexel TICS Controller and Cables
  • Zexel RED IV Controller, ECU and Cables
  • Zexel RED III Controller, ECU and Cables
Hartridge AVM2-PC (12 Cylinder 20HP)
  • HB378 - Common Rail Base Kit - For OE approved testing of All Delphi, Denso and VDO common rail Pumps
  • HK870 - Cambox - For testing of all makes of EUI & EUP, also OE approved Testing of DELPHI EUI
DENSO DIT-V3 Common Rail Injector Test Bench
  • OE approved Repair of Denso Common Rail Injectors including QR Code verification.
DENSO - OE Approved Test Equipment / Controllers
  • DENSO ECD Commander PC - Testing of All DENSO Common Rail Pumps (Incl. HP3, HP4, HP0), Testing of DENSO ECD-V4 and V5 Pumps.
  • DENSO ECD Controller - Testing of DENSO V3, V4 and V5 Pumps
VDO (SIEMENS, Continental) Common Rail (add on to AVM2-PC)
  • For Testing of VDO Common Rail Pumps
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DELPHI (add-ons to AVM2-PC and CRI-PC)
  • OCRES - For Testing of DPCN and EUI
  • IRIS - For Testing of Delphi EUI, Common Rail Pumps and Common Rail Injectors.
  • YDT262 - Stand-Alone DP210 / DP310 Dynamic Timing Kit
Stanadyne DE10
  • DE 10 Electronic Control Package for Testing on Stanadyne DE10 Pumps
  • All Equipment and attachments for mechanical systems from all OE manufacturers up to OE repair level.
Bosch EPS200
  • Injector Test - for OE approved testing of all Bosch Conventional Injectors, 2 Spring Injectors and Common Rail Injectors
Hartridge CRI-PC - Common Rail Injector Test Bench
  • Testing of All Makes of Common Rail Injectors
  • IRIS (Delphi Test Software) - Used for the Re-Coding of DELPHI Common Rail Injectors
  • SiemensVDO Test Software - OE approved testing of SiemensVDO Common Rail Piezo Injectors
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Maktest UTS1004 Injectester UIP
  • All makes EUI and EUP testing with variable cam lift between 10mm and 18mm.
  • UTS1004 can test Bosch EUI and EUP according to Bosch Testing Procedure and plans.
  • Testing of Siemens Piezo EUI
  • Testing of Caterpillar EUI - C12 and C15 (3406E)
  • Testing of Detroit Series 60 EUI
Maktest KO4000 - Computer Aided Repair System
  • Stage 3 Repair of Bosch Common Rail Injectors - CRI and CRIN
  • Repair of Denso Common Rail Injectors